Kojoe Tuesdays vol.2

Dec 16th 2011 on sale!

01. Seppa
02. aahah feat. Ish-one
03. Throw Beans On Da Devils
04. Illeast(prod by J.Cardim)
05. Sunshine(prod by Streets)
06. Fallin’ feat. Kayla Bliss & ChicoSon(prod by Streets)
07. Anythang
08. Motivated feat. T-Pain
09. Lost Samurai Remix feat. 道(Tao)(prod by Sakke)
10. Keep Livin’ feat. SEEDA & YUKSTA-ILL
11. Take It Slow
12. Witness(prod by J.Cardim)
13. Lost & Sound(prod by D.Focis)
14. Mo Chotto
15. 11th World
16. Caramel(Instrumental prod by Kojoe)
17. Keep Livin’ feat. SEEDA & YUKSTA-ILL(Acappella)
18. Throw Beans On Da Devils Remix feat. Ish-one
19. Bye Bye


Thanxxx Hide052 ON RECORDS.

it’s OwwwwN!

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